Cold-Pressed Oil

Following the harvest of the matured moringa pods, the seeds inside are selected and shade dried for a week.   Afterwards they are cold-pressed in small batches by hand, and then naturally filtered to retain freshness and purity. This process of extraction guarantees all the goodness is preserved from the seed. You may find some sediments at the bottom of your bottle of oil, which is a good sign! We retain the maximum amount of the compounds contained within the precious moringa oil through our non-industrial extraction, with none of the chemical refinement or added chemicals that are often used to refine the oil.

The resulting moringa oil has a smooth texture, golden-green hue with a nutty, earthy smell. Because we don’t refine the oil, which means there is no bleaching or added artificial fragrances, our oil smells naturally fresh and earthy. Be aware that distilled moringa oils or cheaper versions have been stripped of their beneficial qualities and healing properties.


Following oil extraction, the leftover seed cake is collected and used in our face and body scrub (launching soon!) to exfoliate and regenerate the skin, so absolutely none of the goodness from the moringa is wasted. The seed cake can also be used for animal feed, fertilizer or purifying water. As moringa seeds are known for their antimicrobial properties, we are currently exploring partnerships with NGOs to develop a system using moringa seed cake to purify water for communities lacking access to clean water.