Our Story

 "Powered by Moringa, the single key ingredient to our wellness range, we believe in providing an all-natural and simple solution to feeling good inside and out. "


Co-Founders of Moringa Project

 Moringa Project was born from a shared personal passion for the 'miracle tree'. Having delivered wonders for our founder's skin troubles, further research revealed Moringa's incredible potential to heal.

 Discovering its relative obscurity in the beauty market inspired our mission to develop a product that could deliver Moringa's rich health and wellness benefits to the world.

We started with the creation of 100% cold-pressed Moringa seed oil, the single key ingredient at the core of our product range today.

 Moringa Project exists to champion the benefits of Moringa through strictly sustainable, local farming, effective products and community education. Spreading the love for moringa through education and effective products, we believe that everyone should be able to reap the benefits of this miracle tree.

 Join us on our journey to spread the love for   moringa oil - nature at it’s best.