Our Story

Co-Founders of Moringa Project


Our team is made up of Co-Founders Piacher Christensen and Marika Nanni, together with Head of Production & Development, Carlo Nanni, we are a sibling trio.  The love for moringa oil grew out of a personal experience after moringa oil cured our Co-Founder Piacher’s nephew of his eczema, following years of trying chemical-based medicine and creams that did not work.  After the success of moringa oil, Piacher started researching this miracle plant realising its multitude of benefits and uses.  Fast forward 3 years and our entire family is hooked on this plant oil, using it on skin, hair, and on cuts and grazes. 

Our mission is to be able to share this source of natural goodness with the world, whilst helping the local Thai farming communities to grow moringa, thus the idea for Moringa Project was born.

We believe in providing an all-natural and simple solution to skincare needs, whether it’s for daily use or to target specific conditions.  Spreading the love for moringa through education, we believe that everyone should be able to reap the benefits of this miracle tree.

 Join us on our journey to spread the love for   moringa oil - nature at it’s best.