how to turn your bathroom into a home spa

Whether your bathroom is the size of a beauty salon or a tiny speck in your apartment, one thing is certain: for many of us, it is a sacred space. It’s where we go to prepare ourselves for the world, make sure we look our best, and, sometimes, take refuge when we need a break during a busy day.

Most of us spend an average of 30 minutes a day in this little but vital area of our homes -- that means anything between 416 to 456 days over the course of our lifetime.

Sounds like a lot, right? Which is why we thought we’d round up some suggestions to transform your bathroom into the peaceful sanctuary it ought to be, and make everyday a spa day.



Bring in the plants

Plants have a unique way of immediately elevating any room, but also  making it feel more inviting. The bathroom is no exception. For a low-maintenance high-style solution, bring in easy-to-care-for air plants or succulents, which can thrive in a warm, humid environment that a bathroom provides. How do you know what plants prefer those conditions? As a general rule, pick plants that call tropical places home.

Light it up with candles 

Candles do wonder for most environments. In a bathroom, they can create a sophisticated yet cosy ambience, not to mention help you de-stress you after a long day. Scented candles, in particular, can promote a refreshing, soothing atmosphere that might even boost your spirits -- and, as a consequence, improve your overall health.

Bring in texture

Besides keeping your bare feet comfortable, rugs add a layer of sophisticated luxury to any interior. That’s all the truer for bathroom rugs, which have been increasingly getting chicer and cooler in recent seasons.  For a fresh dose of panache, try a kilim rug in lieu of a traditional bath mat.

Don’t forget essential oils 

Essential oils can dial up your bath, helping relieve stress, sooth the mind, relax your muscles, and really give your bathroom that perfect-spa feel. But remember: oil and water don’t mix, so simply adding essential oils to your bath won’t work (you’ll just end up having them float on top of the water). Instead, combine a drop of lavender oil or frankincense in a carrier oil first, like Moringa oil, to create a lush, therapeutic, and blissfully aromatic bath. Just like at your favourite spa.

Invest in fancy towels

Because they’re often in plain view, towels are almost like a built-in decorative element of your bathroom.  Which is why you should upgrade your old-looking ones with some plush, fancier numbers. Not only will they give the space a spa-like feel, but they’ll also massively improve your shower or bath experience.