How to prepare your body for the summer

Summer is just around the corner, which means travel, beach vibes and summer Fridays are about to become our new normal. As we transition into the hot season, it’s important to work on adapting our lifestyle to the warmer temps and the sun-kissed days ahead of us, so that the body can tackle the heat in comfort, and still look glowing, healthy, and radiant . Small changes can start from your skincare routine and extend to your diet, workouts, and overall home living. Ready to get some tips on how to prepare for the brighter months of the year? Read on.

Opt for a light moisturiser 

A huge step of any summer skincare is trading heavy face creams for a lightweight but effective moisturiser, to keep your complexion fresh yet protected, and avoid clogging your pores with something dense when sweating is pretty much the norm. Pick a light serum like Moringa oil – It's cooling, calming, and keeps everything balanced. 


hydrate with water


It might sound obvious, but keeping hydrated – both inside and out – is key to keep glowing through the summer. Drink plenty of water and sugar-free drinks – an iced Moringa tea perhaps, or a homemade lemonade sweetened with just a touch of agave syrup – and use serums that penetrate the skin and work to hydrate, energise, brighten, and relieve those chronic signs of fatigue (like Moringa oil!).

Swap workouts

yoga on beach

Hotter temperatures mean adjusting your workouts to stand the heat, and transitioning from high-intensity sessions to gentler ways of exercising and keeping your body moving. Slow exercise can be just as effective as  intense forms of fitness at lowering the risk of heart disease, so the important thing is to just keep at it, at a calmer pace.Try yoga or a pilates class, light weights and walking, rather than running or stationary bikes. 

Forget the bikini body – and go for a wholesome diet instead

wholesome food

Instead of  beating your body into submission to reach the toxic ‘bikini body’ ideal, enjoy the bounty of delicious healthy foods that summer brings, and eat them in abundance. Feed yourself fresh fruits and sorbets, salads and light sandwiches, and remember that the perfect body doesn’t exist. You do you, and your whole self will thank you for it. 

Use beauty products that make you feel sparkly and confident 

moringa clay mask


From confidence-boosting beauty treatments that make you feel foxy to DIY face masks that can help restore your glow, treat yourself to things that make you feel great. Better yet, remember to exfoliate: By utilising a gentle scrub at least once a week, you can remove dead, flaky skin from both your face and body, preventing blemishes as well as a dull appearance, helping with cell turnover and removing dirt and oils left on the skin’s surface.

Apply an SPF daily

This should come as no surprise to anyone who has a regular skincare routine. Applying sufficient amounts of SPF each day will not only protect you from the sun’s harmful rays but keep skin invigorated and glowing as well.