8 reasons to use natural handmade bar soaps

Bar soaps aren’t typically the first thing we think about when it comes to cleansing the skin. However, thanks to the wave of natural bar soaps now available on the market -- including our very own Nourishing Moringa Oil and Aloe Vera Face & Body Bar, Detoxing Moringa Oil + Charcoal Face & Body Bar and Exfoliating Moringa Scrub + Lemongrass Face & Body Bar -- they are now back under the spotlight, thanks to their gentler, even luxurious, and seriously next-level qualities,  from hydration and anti-aging properties to soothing ingredients, and lovely, uplifting scents. 

Handmade bar soaps do indeed come with a plethora of benefits -- some of which we’ve rounded up below.

  • You can reduce the amount of waste you produce
  • One of our favorite things about bar soap -- especially now that it’s Plastic Free July -- is that using them can help you reduce how much waste you produce. While body wash and shower gels typically come in plastic bottles that you likely toss once they’re empty,, you can pick up bar soap in cardboard packaging or even find it 100% packaging free. If you’re looking to adopt a more eco-friendly beauty routine, this is a great place to start.

  • It’s great for your skin
  • Being all-natural, bar soap is not only a gentle cleanser, but moisturising for your skin too. Many liquid body washes and  soaps are made with surfactants which clean the skin, but also strip the natural oils from your body. Some companies even go as far to remove glycerin from body washes, so they can use it in other products to make more money. Buy handmade though, and you’ll know exactly what you’re putting on your body.

  • There are different types of formulas
  • Forget bar soaps’ bad rep as drying or overly harsh. Today, there are just as many different types of soap as there are any other beauty products. You can find bar soaps meant for dry skin, ones intended to exfoliate, options for sensitive skin, and more - what they all have in common is that they don’t dry out the skin

  • It helps maintain your pH levels
  • Maintaining your pH levels is essential to keep the skin nourishment intact. As they are naturally alkaline, made of organic and often locally-sourced ingredients, natural soaps maintain the pH level around 9-10, which is just little higher than the neutral 7. Moreover, as they have more glycerin,  they can put your oily skin at bay and better treat acne and skin infections.

  • You can travel with it
  • You’re jet-setting to Samuit, and your toiletry bag is all packed up and filled to the brim in your carry on, but you forgot to save room for a travel body wash. Well with bar soap, you don’t need to ditch any of your products. As it is not a liquid, you don’t have to include it in the clear one-quart bag that houses your sample-size shampoo and perfume rollerball, and can just slip into your bag, no questions asked. Convenient, no?

    It comes with fun additives

    Nothing toxic or nasty here: handmade bar soaps often contain ingredients like honey, oatmeal, butters and oils -- or, in our case, lemongrass, charcoal and aloe vera -- which are all skin-loving and soothing ingredients, and can help remove toxins in the most natural way.

  • It actually gets you clean 

    Sounds like we’re stating the obvious, but it’s true: Barsoap is quite effective at removing germs and bacteria. The rubbing action physically helps remove germs from your skin, and the bubbles help remove even more.

  • It supports small businesses, and gives you a sense of pride 
  • When you use a bar of handmade soap, you often help an indie business grow, and become part of the community behind it. Plus, knowing you are using a wholesome, handmade product that is good for you is a pretty special feeling.