mature moringa pods left to dry for fertilizer


We follow sustainable organic farming methods, minimising wastage and maximising on the goodness nature has given us.  Pods after deseeding that is not used in the product goes back into the land as fertilizer.  The seed cake can also be used for animal feed, fertilizer or purifying water. As moringa seeds are known for their antimicrobial properties, we are currently exploring partnerships with NGOs to develop a system using moringa seed cake to purify water for communities lacking access to clean water.

Our packaging is environmentally-friendly, minimising the use of plastic and ensuring the packaging materials are recyclable.



We believe in the well-being of the farmers we work with.  Our goal is to provide economic development and advancement to our moringa farmers by giving them an opportunity to develop their agricultural skills to farm organically and commercial acumen to run their own farms or partner with us as we grow in order to drive sustainable social impact.


moringa farmer deseeding the pods to collect seeds