Our Process

Growing our own Moringa trees allows us to ensure the highest quality oil. We cultivate the trees to produce the most bountiful pods and seeds. Once harvested the mature seeds are dried for a week at the farm and cold-pressed at our facility to produce a golden, earthy oil. This controlled process of extraction guarantees the quality of our signature Moringa Project oil.

We retain the maximum amount of the compounds contained within the precious moringa oil through our non-industrial extraction, with none of the chemical refinement or added chemicals that are often used to refine the oil.



The resulting moringa oil has a smooth texture, golden-green hue with a nutty, earthy smell because we don’t refine the oil, which means there is no bleaching or added artificial fragrances.  Be aware that distilled moringa oils or cheaper versions have been stripped of their beneficial qualities and healing properties.

After cold pressing, the pods and seed remnants are returned to the land as fertiliser, reducing waste and completing a circular farming process.