The Farm

Growing the trees in Thailand was important to us, rather than sourcing from other countries that already have an established production source.  Thailand’s tropical climate, rich soil and rainy seasons provides us with the natural resources that we need, at the same time allowing us to enhance the lifestyle of the local farmers that work with us by creating employment and promoting ethical practice.

We organically grow our own moringa trees, looking after every step in processing the pure oil to ensure best quality and maximum effectiveness of our natural skincare product.  We know exactly where the source comes from, how the plants are nurtured and what is put in the soil.


We are committed to farming organically and sustainably, investing in improving the soil and the environment around us.  The pods and seed cake after pressing goes back into our land as fertilizer to encourage circular farming and reduce waste.  Our mission is to expand the network of moringa farmers in Thailand by providing knowledge and teaching the skills needed to grow moringa oleifera for the production and sales of the leaf and pods.  We look to partner with local farming families as we expand our production and promotion of this amazing superfood.

3 hours south of Bangkok, our Farm is nestled within the hills of Nong Phlap near Hua Hin, in the Prachuap Kiri Khan province.  In time, we will be open for farm visits, community events and activities.  Stay tuned!