why Moringa Oil is the perfect Valentine’s Day Present

With V-Day around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll make your loved one feel extra special (or bestie, mum, sister, dad: in our opinion, everyone should get a little something on Feb 14. After all, this is the day to celebrate love in all its forms!). Will you cook them dinner? Take them out for a meal? Wow them with a staycation? Whatever your plan is, there’s one thing you should absolutely give to your better half as a token of your appreciation: Moringa Oil. 

Yes, we’re biassed, but the truth is, our little serum is a perfect present for Valentine’s Day. Why, you ask? Where do we begin... 

moringa oil is great for both men and women

It’s unisex – meaning it’s great for you both 

Ideal for both men and women – and anyone who doesn’t identify with these two gender categories, too! – Moringa Oil can be used by the entire fam. That means you could share it in a couple’s massage, borrow it from your other half, add it to both of your beauty routines, and more. Great, right? 

Ladies will love it…

With so many benefits to the skin, Moringa Oil really is a girl’s best friend. At night, it acts as a powerful serum that targets specific skin concerns  to improve skin clarity and brightness, support its natural collagen, and deliver a bouncier complexion with blurred wrinkles and pores.

As a daily moisturiser, it ensures that the skin looks more plump and smooth and supports skin barrier function – which, in turn, improves both the texture and overall appearance of the skin. 

As a hair serum – yes, you can use it on your locks, too! –  it is highly effective in adding moisture and nutrients to the scalp, sealing it off so it can repel humidity and fight frizz, soften coarse hair, add shine, and tame flyaways. 

In other words: this one-magic ingredient goes a long long way. 

Moringa Oil for Face

And gents will fall hard for it, too

Moringa Oil for guys? Absolutely. Our all-natural product serves a plethora of great benefits for the gents in your life – starting with their after shaving routines. 

As most men know, shaving doesn’t come without its share of inconveniences – irritation being the most common. From ingrown hairs to razor bumps, dry to burning skin, getting rid of facial hair can be a little bothersome, which is why after shaving care is so important.  

Not only is Moringa Oil soothing and loaded with beneficial skin-saving antioxidants to help with that, but it also provides relief and hydration to skin freshly shaved.  

Has your bae got a lumberjack beard or a steady stubble? Moringa is excellent for those as well. The key to a fantastic looking beard is to keep it clean and well-conditioned. With its natural formula rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, the serum can in fact  help soften his facial hair, and tame those whiskers to perfection.

 By the same principle, it works great on his hair, too. Clever much? 

moringa oil is unisex