5 tips to sleep better

Sleep is one of the most essential things of human existence. A good night's sleep is not just about waking up well rested… It's about how you function in your everyday life! When your sleep schedule is on point, your brain can perform better and you're less tired. Even your chocolate cravings are less frequent!

But how do you get to this point? We've gathered 5 simple tips to sleep better and have higher performance.

1. Make your bedroom a sacred place

alarm clock for better sleep


Treat your bedroom as the most sacred space in your home - make sure it's quiet, relaxing and clean. Here are a few ideas on how to make that happen…

Studies show that fresh air and cooler temperatures notably change the quality of your zzz's. By simply opening your windows or switching on the AC at least 30 minutes before bed, your sleep can be a lot deeper and more restoring.

Another thing you may consider is getting rid of any external or artificial lighting from devices. Maybe it's time to invest in blackout curtains? Or you could replace the alarm on your phone with a good old alarm clock and leave the phone in another room? Perhaps you could even take out the TV from your room?

You can also improve your sleeping conditions by investing in a good quality mattress, pillows or weighted blanket. Those small things do add up and definitely help with improving your sleep. There is a reason why we sleep better in hotel rooms.

2. Enjoy more daylight

When in doubt, turn back to nature. It holds so much wisdom, power and clarity! Being outdoors makes you generally healthier and improves your mood (and sleep!) overall.

Daylight improves our natural rhythm, also referred to as circadian rhythm. Sunlight acts as a cue that helps your body instinctively create a daily schedule and naturally build a routine.

Plus, going on an extra walk to uplevel your sleep quality also serves as a way to include more activity in your daily life. Your body will be thankful for that in the long run! 

3. Have a simple pampering routine

Crystal Face Roller

Speaking of natural cues and routines… You can imitate that on your own! Simply stick to a specific evening routine and your body will start to recognize those actions as a scene-setter for better sleep.

Besides - be honest, how often do you really take care of yourself? We're not suggesting anything extraordinary, though. There's no need to take a 2-hour long bath or incorporate a 15-step long face care routine! It can be as simple as face rolling with oil before bed for a few minutes.

4. Relax and clear your mind

Candle to relax

It's hard to live in this modern world where we always have to be “on”, achieve more and be the most productive version of ourselves. All this hustle and bustle keeps us forgetting that we're not meant to operate at 100% speed at every waking moment.

When you go to sleep with all these thoughts running through your head and feeling the tension in your body, your sleep is being affected.

Meditate, take a relaxing shower, read, do yoga, listen to music, try out breathing exercises… These are just a few things you can do to relax your body and clear your busy mind.

5. Stick to a sleep schedule

Our bodies love routine. Sometimes it's good to step out of the comfort zone but that definitely doesn't apply to sleep. If we're talking about your beauty sleep, the stricter the routine, the better!

Going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day will not only give some consistency in your life but provide incredible benefits in the long run. Your body will naturally fall asleep faster & you'll wake up more energised and ready for the day. To the point where you may even wake up without an alarm.