5 tips for sustainable Christmas gifting

Christmas might still be 10 days’ away, but it’s never too early to start thinking about what to get to your loved ones (in fact, early Christmas shopping can be way less stressful than rushing for presents just before the holidays).

Gifts, of course, can be a complicated matter. In a world plagued by climate change and rampant consumerism, how do you ensure your festivities -- and the thoughtful things you give to others -- can have a good impact on our planet? 


We’re here to help. From recycled paper wrappers to environmentally-friendly tricks to welcome Santa, we’ve rounded up five easy tips to make your celebrations more sustainable. Keep reading, and get ready for a greener Christmas!

sustainable Christmas gifting

Buy with meaning

Avoid getting the same old socks for your dad, or yet another mug for your sister. Instead, opt for gift experiences over physical presents --whether it’s a trip to the theatre, a cooking class or a fancy dinner at a Michelin-star restaurant. These are way more memorable, and produce less waste. 

sustainable gifting

If you do buy something physical, support small businesses, shop local, and choose consciously

When you support a small business, you are also supporting the local community. In the case of The Moringa Project, for instance, buying from us means helping us grow, maintain our farm and continue working with the wonderful people that make our team. 

Pick presents that are natural, low-impact on the environment, and good for your body. Like our gift sets, all of which are locally sourced and crafted, plant-based and sustainably packaged. Small and indie make for the best ideas. 

shop local and support small business

Buy second hand -- and always use recycled paper wrapping

Not only will this give a second-life to pre-loved items, but it’ll also be cheaper than buying new products, and better for the environment. For your present wrapping, go with recycled or upcycled paper that’s biodegradable. 

Donate any unwanted gifts to charity

Donate any unwanted gifts to charity 

If you’re on the receiving end and don't like your presents, don’t throw them away. Instead, take them to your local charity shop or NGO organisation. They could make someone else very, very happy.   

Do a Secret Santa 

A Secret Santa means you can invest in a single, thoughtfully chosen present rather than lots of smaller, often easily discardable gifts. Suggest it to your family and friends, and you’ll be surprised how much more special the end result will be.