5 ways to look after your new tattoo

So you got a new tattoo. Congrats! Now, how do you ensure it heals and ends up looking just as cool as it should? Here's everything you need to know to look after it the natural and organic way

Wait a few hours, then gently wash the tattoo

Leave the covering on your new design for the first 2-5 hours, then carefully remove it and gently wash the tattoo with lukewarm water and mild liquid soap.

Apply a Moringa Oil

Next, apply a thin layer of Moringa Oil. You can either then recover with gauze, or leave it open to the air -- just ask your tattoo artist for advice.  Try to avoid greasy products like Vaseline as it suffocates your skin, remember, your skin needs to breathe to heal the wound.  Moringa Oil is light and easily absorbed by the skin, it protects and helps to soothe sensitive skin thereby reducing irritation. The natural anti-bacterial properties of Moringa Oil helps to prevent infection whilst the antioxidants and vitamins keeps your skin healthy which means a more vibrant tattoo.

Repeat the cleaning process 3-5 times a day. 

Once it’s fully healed, keep moisturising. This will ensure that your skin stays hydrated and elastic, prevent the effects of ageing, and keep your tattoo more vibrant.


 Keep it clean

This is a must: keep the tattoo clean and dry (that means no baths or pool swimming, at least for a month, though you can shower). Have clothes rubbing on it? Cover it up with gauze or clingfilm. 

Don’t worry about slight flaking

Scabbing or flaking is completely normal during healing times. Don’t pick at your tattoo, and don’t scratch if it itches: you could end up removing the ink. If the itching lasts for more than a week or the tattoo is always hot to the touch, go back to your tattoo studio or seek medical advice. It’s rare for a tat to become infected, but if you’re worried about it, it’s worth getting a second opinion. 

Avoid direct sunlight

A bit annoying this one (especially if you live in sunny Thailand!) but healing tattoos, especially if coloured, can fade in the sun. Always use high SPF, and maybe take advantage of lockdown to keep your new tat away from the rays? There’s always a silver lining…