We love Thailand and are committed to giving back to the local community by donating and raising funds for The Sang Foundation.



The Sang Foundation was originally created to raise public awareness on plastic waste and the effects on marine life.  Since April 2020 the foundation has quickly shifted it's mission to helping families affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and operating food deliveries to the elderly and others affected by the decimation of the tourism industry in Prachauap Kirikhan and Phetchaburi areas.   It is estimated that over six thousand families are without sufficient food and daily supplies in these two provinces alone.

Moringa Project Farm is located in the foothills of Nong Phlap in the Prachauap Kirikhan province hence the area is very close to our hearts. We are committed to helping support the local community by providing food and basic necessities to the villages.  By purchasing a bottle of our Moringa Project Facial Oil you are helping to feed families in need.  So far we have help to feed over 150 families.

families on the sang foundation drive
donating food drive