healthy tips to recover from the festive season

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve behind us, it’s time to turn to self-care to help us recover from all the celebrations, indulgent meals, tipples and slices of panettone we had over the holidays. 

Whether you’re feeling a little heavier around the hips (it was all worth it!!)  or haven’t slept properly in a while, we’ve rounded up a few tips to get you back on track, and start 2022 detoxed, nourished, and ready to roar. 

Drink lots of water

And we mean lots: Water keeps your body hydrated and refreshed and flushes out all the bad toxins, which is essential if you’ve had a bit too much champagne and rich foods during the Christmas break. 

What’s more, it also helps maintain your skin's elasticity, and restore its healthy, glowing appearance. Want to speed up the hydration process? Using a good serum like Moringa Oil can help.  

Pro tip: When it comes to crushing your hydration goals, try adding foods high in water to your plate, from cucumbers, celery and courgettes to watermelon, strawberries and cauliflower. 


Maybe you were surrounded by lots of relatives you hadn’t seen in forever during Christmas. Maybe you were hosting your family, or traveled for the first time in a while and got a little antsy about it. Whatever it is, the routine disruption that comes with the holidays can take a toll on our internal balance. 

So as you start the new year, turn to mindfulness practice to centre yourself and focus on the present. There are tons of apps out there that offer short, guided meditations, and can help you restore your self-awareness.


Get active

Did you spend most of the Christmas hols on the couch, watching Netflix or playing cards with the kids? So did we. To shake off any grogginess you might have accumulated during the festive season, get active. Try yoga or go for a run, take a pilates class or have a go at crossfit. Exercise is key to relieve stress and anxiety, boost energy, work off those sweet holiday treats, and just feel better all around. 

You don’t have to sign up to a gym to do it: just carve out half an hour of your day – even a short walk does wonders! – and use YouTube channels or workout apps to get you moving. You’ll increase your overall stamina in no time. 

Pamper yourself 

If you spent the break looking after everybody else, it’s now time to look after yourself. Go for a relaxing massage, run a nice bath with essential oils, slather some Moringa Oil on your body for a little bit of natural hydration and some serious moisturising. 

In other words, do something just for you. 

pamper yourself

Get your sleep back

After a lot of late nights spent chatting, baking, celebrating or dancing around the Christmas tree, make an effort to get your sleep back. A good night of zzz’s is essential to feel good not just physically but mentally, too and keep our immune system strong. So set yourself a sleep reminder, ditch the phone for a good book, and aim for seven to eight hours of blissful sleep every night. 

Get your sleep back