Cloudy particles in your Moringa oil? That's perfectly normal!



Moringa is well known as the miracle tree that can produce various of miracle products like Moringa oil that does wonder to your skin and hair. However, there have been many misunderstandings about how the oil is spoiled because it’s ‘not clear’ in this article we will put you through facts about Moringa oil and how it changed over time and temperatures.

Oil has cloudy effect and separated = can’t use

❌ Not true, Moringa oil is much like other oil such as coconut oil that has multiple of fatty acids and melting points. Oil can turn from liquid to solid and back again at different temperatures, based on the fatty acids they contain. It can become separated and has cloudy consistency at temperature below 25 Celsius or 80 Fahrenheit. As the temperature get more reduced by time, oil can has waxy particles.

It’s completely normal for unrefined oil to appear cloudy, it indicates how the oil is in high quality and totally natural! Once your oil returns to room temperature, you can restore its initial form by either letting it naturally warm up or speeding up the process by running the bottle under warm water.

Caution ⚠️: Although slight changes in temperature does not affect oil quality but you should always avoid heat above 50 Celsius or 122 Fahrenheit as it could degrade and spoil the oil!

To maintain the quality of Moringa oil with its 1-2year shelf life, follow these storage guidelines:

1. Keep it in a cool, dark place to prevent deterioration.
2. Moringa oil is sensitive to light and heat, so avoid exposure to these elements as they can
accelerate spoilage.
3. Opt for storage in a glass container, as it provides a protective environment and prevents
potential interactions that could affect the oil's condition. Adhering to these practices ensures that your Moringa Facial Oil remains fresh and preserves its beneficial properties throughout its shelf life.